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GoTrust Presents You With
The Best Enterprise Authenticator Solution

With GoTrust Authentication Platform every employee becomes their own unique security token.Effortless login to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services. As they carry their phone towards their computer it unlocks. The biometric sensor on the phone to confirm it is ‘me’ and signs them into Office 365, Google, Salesforce, Facebook and all FIDO enabled services. No usernames, passwords, security questions, OTPs or SMS codes.


Every GoTrust ‘take to work’ authenticator is FIDO Certified and works with any user device running Windows 10, iOS, Android, macOS and Chrome OS via USB, NFC or BLE. The infrastructure and management tools provide complete authority over access and usage and unlimited scaling. No organization is too large or too small for the GoTrust Authentication platform. It is also available for the individual user.

Phone Authenticator - GoTrust ID 

The Unique intelligent Phone authenticator for FIDO services, Windows 10 and MAC with Patent granted anytime and anywhere

  • Windows Hello and Mac Computer login

  • 100% is you, biometrics verification

  • Enable passwordless 2FA for Microsoft AD and Azure AD

  • Intelligent mode to log in anywhere & any time

  • Patent granted

Phone Authenticator

Smart Badge Authenticator - Idem Card 

The only BLE smart badge with NFC and HID physical access to support FIDO, PKI and PIV authentication. It supports any user device

  • Unlock Windows 10 and Mac plus 2FA for major cloud accounts

  • Support Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter and many more

  • Support PIV, PKI and Physical Access including HID iClass

  • BLE and NFC compatible

  • Patent granted


Security KeyIdem Key 

The USB key with NFC capability to support FIDO, OTP, and PKI

  • Work with all browsers in Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Android phone

  • Support Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter and many more

  • Support PKI and OTP

  • NFC compatible