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Latest News: Your Phone is now the alternative to the USB FIDO Key

What have I got ?

Pirates in a hostile internet that want to steal my identity and access my accounts for financial, competitive or disruptive reasons.

What do I want?

Brilliant security that proves I am me with NO usernames, NO passwords (not even one-time), NO USB tokens or Fobs, NO email or SMS confirmation codes. Just me and my phone are my universal identification in today’s digital world.

What do I need?

"GoTrust ID" to positively identify me to my iPhone or Android using my facial, fingerprint or iris biometrics and then let my phone use complex encrypted dialogues to confirm my identity to all my logon sites.

No usernames or passwords to remember; me and my phone are the single wireless token (Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) that confirms my identity to login to my PC (Windows or MAC), cloud applications (Office 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, G-mail, and many more), Corporate ERP and VPN or anything on the "GO".

What if I want to use my phone as my secure terminal?

My phone cannot be my terminal and my security token at the same time so I need another second factor. ‘GoTrust BLE/NFC’ is an ISO standard smart card capable of Bluetooth/NFC functions that authenticates me to my cloud application running in my phone. In a corporate environment it can also be my ID badge and my door access.

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GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is a world leader in password-free user identity from the phone and the computer to the cloud.

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