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Overview of GoTrust ID Business

GoTrust ID is a highly secure and easy to use platform which manages users’ identities across the organization utilizing their phones as the protected repository and second factor authentication token for passwordless login to their computers and web services. The key to implementing GoTrust ID for Business new security functionality is integration of the GoTrust Server with the existing enterprise server. GoTrust ID includes a FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) powered Multi-Factor authentication service enabling higher levels of security without passwords. GoTrust ID ‘you and only you,’ phone based biometric identification, can unlock Windows, Mac and sign into 1000s of cloud applications including Office365, Google apps and many more enterprise developed web or mobile applications. Enterprises wanting to continue using their own applications can integrate the GoTrust ID security, functionality and ease of use into their applications.


How does it work?

Using your phone as the 2      factor to authenticate your web services


Use case for Microsoft eco-system

GoTrust ID is a cross-platform software and support infrastructure that makes your iPhone or Android the passwordless User identification for all secure logons to your PC (Windows or MAC), cloud applications (Office 365, Dropbox, OneDrive, G-mail, and many more), Corporate ERP and VPN or anything on the ‘GO’. When your primary access device is your PC (Windows or MAC) your phone and its proximity to your PC is your passwordless logon device. When necessary your phone becomes your secure token by scanning your facial, fingerprint or iris biometrics and then using your phone for complex encrypted dialogues to confirm your identity to all your logon sites. Whenever extra confirmation is required your phone will re-authenticate you against your securely stored biometrics.


GoTrust ID includes 3 feature sets for enterprise deployment.


​This is a software platform that can be installed on a company server or a cloud server.

  • FIDO powered multiple factor authentication.

  • Supports multiple authentication methods including biometric on phone, FIDO U2F, FIDO 2, OTP and Security Questions, etc.

  • MFA Provider.

  • Administration Portal.

  • User Self-Service Portal.

  • GoTrust ID MFA RESTful API.


These are the user applications for their phone, laptop and desktop. These are identical to the GoTrust ID Trust mode premium outlined for individual users.

  • Windows / Mac Sign-in.

  • Phone as 2-factor authentication for Office365 and other enterprise services connected to GoTrust server. 

  • Biometric login for unlimited supported remote/cloud services.

  • Key Protection and Access.


Integration (SDK)

As an alternative to the standard APPs the SDK enables corporate user to integrate the GoTrust ID security features into their own APPs.

  • 2-factor authentication to web service integrated GoTrust ID server. 

  • Passwordless login feature based on FIDO UAF standard and integrated GoTrust server.

  • Supported platform

  • iPhone 5s and iOS 10 above

  • Android 5.0 and above

GoTrust Server

A rich multi-factor authentication server service to support multiple authenticators including GoTrust ID phone APP, FIDO USB token, SMS/email OTP and security questions for user to sign into web services.

FIDO U2F Token

/ FIDO2 Token



Security Question

Email OTP



GoTrust Application

Users can use GoTrust ID app to sign into the computer without a password and use it as 2FA to sign in to web services with GoTrust ID server. Four versions of GoTrust ID app are Available today: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Use screen lock 

Biometrics verification 

Windows Hello login

Mac login 

2    factor authentication

to web service


    GoTrust ID SDK   

MFA Server


With the GoTrust ID SDK, a developer can integrate a FIDO UAF authentication framework in to his own mobile application and use it as a 2     factor authentication method when signing on-premises or cloud applications. The GoTrust ID server authenticates a user on the basis of data received from a different network or channel when user provides his/her username/password.


FIDO Stack

GoTrust ID SDK includes a FIDO stack which conforms with FIDO UAF 1.0. Developer can also use it to develop FIDO applications and connect to GoTrust ID FIDO UAF server to do passwordless authentication.

QR Code


The registration to link user and server is to scan a QR code which is generated from GoTrust ID server. The QR code scanner is also included in the SDK. Developer can implement other mechanisms to replace the QR code scanner.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is a world leader in password-free user identity from the phone and the computer to the cloud.

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