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Enterprises today do not have 100% coverage with 2FA. But most enterprise employees carry 2 things with them: a phone and an identification card. A certain class of employees also need to carry a USB dongle. GoTrustID is a FIDO Token Company that allows employees to access their computer and cloud without passwords leveraging any or all of these three items. In fact, we are the only company capable of implementing a FIDO token into an employee badge. The platform is IP Protected via 24 international patents including 6 US patents.

Product Portfolio

Most comprehensive offering available in the market

Phone Authenticator + Smart Badge Authenticator + Security Key on the same platform

Phone Authenticator

GoTrust ID

FIDO Authentication/ Computer login

Smart Badge Authenticator

Idem Card

Physical Access/Computer login/FIDO/PKI/PIV BLE and NFC compatible

Security Key

Idem Key

FIDO/PKI/OTP/ NFC compatible

Unique Of Platform

  • One platform supports phone, badge and USB authenticators. All FIDO certified.

  • The first company creates passwordless and OTP-free user experience from computer login to cloud authentication.

  • The first company innovates Intelligent mode (cloud assist mixed BLE) to unlock computer anytime & anywhere.

  • Support all user devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  • The platform has multiple patents protected.


FIDO Certified

We are awarded 11 FIDO certifications for all authenticators. Our Idem card is only FIDO certified and BLE enabled ISO smart card.

Windows Hello

The First Microsoft Hello certified Phone login Windows APP and commercially deployed by ASUS and Acer computers

FIPS 140-2 Level 3

The ONLY FIPS 140-2 Level 3 & FIPS 201 certified secure microSD for all devices


The First cryptographic removal token to meet LoA-4 in Guideline of NIST Derived PIV Credential (SP800-157)


TOP 10 Multifactor Authentication

TOP 10 Multifactor Authentication Solution Provider for 2019 by Enterprise Security

Sesames Award

Winner of the world most prodigious Digital Security Award Sesames Award, in Paris 2008



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Taichung Office

14F-3, No. 201, Sec. 2, Wenxin Rd., Situn Dist., Taichung City 40758, Taiwan

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Korea Office

2F, Namyoung Building, 28, Nonhyeon-ro 38-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


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GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is a world leader in password-free user identity from the phone and the computer to the cloud.

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