FAQ of Idem Key

Can I use Idem Key for Windows login?

Idem Key can be used for Azure AD managed Windows 10 devices. If your computer is not managed by a corporate Azure AD, you cannot use Idem Key to login Windows. To get more information, please contact support@gotrustid.com

Can I use Idem Key with Linux OS?

Yes. To use Idem Key on Linux, an additional configuration is required. Fellow below step: 1.To make Idem Key work on Linux, you need to add a UDEV configuration file. 2.Create a file under directory “/etc/udev/rules.d/” and name it as “70-u2f.rules”.

3.Add content as the text shown at below into the file “70-u2f.rules”.
If the file already exists previously, make sure the content below is included.

4.Reboot system. 5.Make sure Chrome version is up to date and you will be able to use Idem Key as FIDO security key.

Is Idem Key secure?

Yes. Idem Key is very secure. Idem Key embeds a secure element which is certified by Common Criteria EAL5+ and FIPS 140-2 Level 3. All cryptographic are handled inside the secure element and keys are stored in the secure element. Besides, Idem Key itself also certified by FIDO2 security level 1.

Why my Android mobile cannot find Idem Key by NFC?

Please ensure that you put Idem Key at right place of NFC antenna on your Android phone. You can download the NFC app from Google Play such as “NFC TagInfo” to scan Idem Key and check the right location of NFC antenna.

Can I use Idem Key on the computer with USB Type C?

Yes. Idem Key supports USB Type-C enabled computer. All you need is to use a USB-A (Female connector) to USB-C Type (Male connector) adapter with Idem Key.

How do I reset FIDO2 or change its PIN of Idem Key?

Windows 10 version 1903 and later versions support the management of FIDO2 security key. You can use management console in “Windows Settings” -> “Accounts” -> “Sign-in Options” -> “Security Key”. You can use the security settings in Chrome on macOS to reset and change PIN to Idem Key. Enter “chrome://settings/securityKeys” to the URL of Chrome and you’ll see all the settings related to security key.

How do I sign in my web account if I lose Idem Key?

We recommend using at least 2 Idem Keys to register your web account as backup. Besides, most web services provide alternative 2-factor sign in options such as recovery codes or one-time codes.

Is Idem Key waterproof?

Yes. Idem Key is made by insert molding process and it sustains damage from water and dust.

How many web services can use Idem Key?

All FIDO security key enabled web services can use Idem Key such as Google, Microsoft, GitHub, Dropbox, Facebook and many more. Please check more compatibility setting detail on below table. If there's no problem then you can get started pair with Idem Key.

Do I need to install any driver or software to use Idem Key?

To use Idem Key, you do not need to install any driver or software. Idem Key is a driver-less product which can work on Windows, macOS, Linux, Chromebook, and Android.

Can Idem Key support PKI feature?

There is a PIV application installed in Idem Key Plus and Pro. You can use any PIV compliant middleware such as OpenSC, Windows built-in minidriver, or macOS CryptoTokenKit to access PKI functions over USB or NFC interfaces.

Can I reset Idem Key if I want to transfer it to others?

Yes. You can reset your Idem Key on Windows 10 and all data in Idem Key will be erased. Step 1. Go to “Settings” →  “Accounts” →  “Sign-in options” and find button “Manage” of “Security Key” Step 2. Touch your Idem Key Step 3. Press reset button

What can I do if resetting Idem Key fails on Windows?

For security reason, Idem Key will prohibit reset command after powered on 10 seconds. We suggest that you re-insert Idem Key during the reset process. Please refer to the video: https://youtu.be/Skx8s5C95c0

Can I use security PIN function on Idem Key?

Yes. You can manage Security Key PIN of Idem Key on Windows 10. Step 1. Go to “Settings” →  “Accounts” →  “Sign-in options” and find button “Manage” of “Security Key” Step 2. Touch your Idem Key Step 3. Add New Security Key PIN



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