GoTrust ID Business is a highly secure and easy to use phone authenticator which manages users’ identities across the organization utilizing their phones as the protected repository for passwordless login to their computers and web services. The key features of GoTrust ID Business is allowing corporate users 100% verification to login anywhere, anytime subject to corporate security policy. Say Goodbye to passwords and one-time code. GoTrust ID Business is compliant with FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) protocol and is able to plug into Microsoft AD and Azure AD environment immediately.

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SDK is available for Android

and iOS

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Market first intelligent login 

Cloud assists mixed BLE to unlock computer anytime & anywhere

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Windows Hello and Mac Computer login

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100% is you biometrics verification

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Support Microsoft AD and Azure AD

Adapter is ready to plugin

How the GoTrust ID for Business works


2FA for Single sign-on system

We support integrating with Azure AD to provide OTP free 2FA


Bundle with Office 365

On-premise AD

✓  We support providing passwordless

     2FA by phone, badge or USB key

✓  More secure and more convenient

Azure AD

✓  We support integrating with Azure AD

     to provide OTP free 2FA


Computer Login

Corporate Windows Hello and Mac computer login without typing password

GoTrust Server

Our server provides full control of authenticators for IT administrator and is able to plug into Microsoft ecosystem easily. In addition to supporting FIDO authenticators over phone or USB Security Key, we also include one-time password over SMS or email and security question to cover full range of user authentication.

Architecture Overview

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FIDO Security Key 

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Security Question

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E-mail OTP

Full control of Authenticators

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Show all important information of server and license on one page for IT

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Account Management

Easy to sync and import employee information from AD and excel files. Also easy to manage employee information by a group and individual view

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Login Control

Easy to configure login mechanism to each employee

  1. over BLE

  2. over Internet

  3. Intelligent mode (combines BLE and internet)