Why GoTrust ID


No more passwords

Use your phone to login/unlock your laptop without typing a password.


GoTrust ID is super secure

GoTrust ID is a Microsoft Windows certified product. All encryption algorithms are NIST compliant.

You control all your passwords and credentials that are stored in your phone not on a server.



Password-free APPs

Use your phone to log in to Dropbox, OneDrive and all Windows Hello APPs without an ID or password.


Unique login

Biometric option to use phone fingerprint, iris or face recognition to confirm it is you before login.


Login wherever you are

Login/unlock offline laptops with your phone anywhere using BLE communication.


Phone as FIDO U2F Key

Turn phone into FIDO U2F Key to secure Google, Facebook, AWS, Dropbox , Salesforce and GitHub


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GoTrust ID

Your phone has become the passwordless FIDO authenticator you have dreamed about
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GoTrust ID Options

GoTrust ID has two options for you

  • One step to login to your Windows 10 or MacBook using your phone, password-free.

  • No need to unlock your phone to login/unlock your Laptops.

  • You can log in to Dropbox, OneDrive and all APPs for Windows Hello without ID/Password.

  • One phone can log in/unlock as many laptops as you wan

  • Offline login over BLE within 1 meter.

    *Distance varies by environmental conditions and other factors may vary the actual outcome.

Fast Mode


  • All Fast Mode features included. 

  • Enable fingerprint, face or iris recognition on your phone to verify it is you before login.

  • Your phone can be a FIDO U2F or FIDO 2 authenticator to secure ALL Google, AWS, Facebook, Dropbox, Salesforce and GitHub accounts in Windows 10 or MacBook.

  • Biometric login for unlimited supported remote/cloud services.

Trust Mode