Smart Badge Authenticator— Idem Card 

Combined smart card, BLE communication, NFC badge and FIDO authentication.

Overview of Idem Card

GoTrust Idem Card is a revolutionary product solving user identity and 2-factor authentication (2FA) across mobile devices and workplaces. The Idem Card is the size of a standard smart card with BLE, FIDO, NFC Java card, and PKI functionality. The multiplicity of capabilities means the Idem card can be used in all these roles:

  • A badge with wireless user authentication and physical access control.

  • Passwordless computer login for Windows or Mac.

  • FIDO U2F and FIDO 2 authenticator.

  • 2-factor authentication for Corporate and cloud applications on computers and smartphones.

  • Seamless integration into ISO7816 smart card ecosystem.

  • Able to load Java card applet for custom or existing applications, Ex: cold wallet for the digital currency, root of trust for classified mobile communication APPs.

Smart Badge

Passwordless login

Microsoft Hello login and MacBook unlock

Why should I use with The Idem Series authenticator for identity security?

The Idem Series authenticators provide stronger defense against credential theft. Even if you’re using a conventional username and password verification some phishing sites create fake websites to fool you into entering your verification information and then use this to access your account. The Idem Series authenticators use cryptographic verification; they will only authenticate you when you are signing in to legitimate application websites. They are also password free so they are easy to use and there are no complex passwords to remember.


2     factor authenticator

How do I use Idem Card for FIDO U2F enabled services?

Idem adheres to the FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.0 standards. This is important for compatibility with many online services; The Idem Series authenticators can be used with all U2F-enabled services, such as Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Box, Windows Hello login and many more.


  • FIDO U2F & FIDO2 certified.

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified secure element

Secure Element Specifications 

  • Java Card 3.0.4 on GP 2.2.1

  • Symmetric: 3DES, AES(128, 192, 256 bits)

  • Hash:SHA-1, SHA-224,SHA-256,SHA-384,SHA-512

  • RSA: RSASigning 512 bits up to 2048 bits key

  • ECC: P-160 bits up to P-521 bits

  • Key Pair Generation: RSA 512 bits up to 2048 bits, ECC P-160 bits up to P-512 bits

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified security element


Idem SDK

Idem Card can be a PKI authenticator and used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. To operate Idem Card as a PKI authenticator, the app needs to invoke GoTrust Idem SDK to access crypto functions on Idem Card via ISO7816, BLE or NFC interface. Windows management tool: It includes token management, BLE pairing tool and PC/SC driver over BLE. This tool enables seamless integration for Idem card into existing smart card issuance system and applications.

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