Best Products, Software, and Solutions to Build a Safer Cyber World

Being cyber safe is a vital concern for anyone wh

o spends a considerable amount of time on the internet. Hackers are always on the prowl to exploit a weakness in the system, be it for an individual, small or medium-sized business, corporate enterprises, non-profits, or even governments.

How to Manage Cyber Risks?

As a matter of fact, technology has made it possible for businesses to not just manage cyber risk but also utilize as an instrument of expansion and gaining a competitive edge over industry competitors.

At GoTrust ID, we have been working to develop some of the best products, software, and solutions to ensure a passwordless login platform so that the world remains safe from potential cyber threats and crimes. Our diverse range of authentication platforms that are used by businesses and individuals include the following:

Phone Authenticator

If you are looking for a security tool that works well with FIDO services, then your search comes to an end with the Phone Authenticator platform by GoTrust ID. Offering 100% biometric verification, the system enables a passwordless login process that can be easily integrated with Microsoft AD and Azure AD environment easily.

The Phone Authenticator solution makes use of the cloud-assisted mixed BLE to unlock the computer, anywhere, anytime, and is possibly the intelligent login protocol established in the market.

Security Key

When in need of an authentication tool that enables identification across multiple user devices, then there is no need to look beyond a Security Key. This FIDO enabled security key has in-built NFC capability that supports Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more such platforms.

Moreover, the system still works even if there are network or battery issues making sure that the protective cover is reliable for your credentials. Additionally, this two-factor authentication system can be integrated with all types of browsers like Windows, Mac, Chromebook iOS, and Android phones.

Smart Card Badge

Supporting the multi-user device, the Smart Card Badge Authenticator comes with built-in BLE along with NFC and HID physical access. Combining all your access needs into a single solution, the FIDO enabled enterprise integrated solution is able to operate up to 60 days based on 10 times login per day.

The Smart Card Badge is your one-stop product that works for corporate and cloud applications on computers and smartphones. It is compatible with Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more such platforms.

Final Thoughts

A trusted digital world is the need of the hour in the face of evolving cyber threats. With the combination of these products, software, and solutions, it is possible to push the boundaries of safety and security further.