How to Get Rid of Top Challenges that SMBs Face with Cyber Security

Ransomware, phishing, etc. are some of the common threats to cyber security. Most companies have encountered them in some form or the other. While this is nothing new, what has taken experts by surprise is increasing scope of cyber threats to SMBs or small and medium sized businesses.

Generally, the cyber attackers are after data – be in theft or destruction. And for any business, their data is a valuable asset. The reason why small and medium sized businesses are prone to security breaches is simply because they have access to limited resources, budget, and technical know-how to defend themselves. With little or no expert planning to combat cyber-attacks, SMBs can be profitable targets for illegal online operators.

How Can SMBs Prevent Cyber Attacks?

At the backdrop of these challenges SMBs have been forced to pay attention to these impending attacks and re-evaluate their security positions. This has prompted many companies to adopt a more preventive strategy before they fall prey to these cyber threats.

But the question remains – how can SMBs secure themselves against these expensive cyber threats and crimes?

The answer to that is simple. By getting onboard with a reliable and credible enterprise authenticator solution.

Here are some key advantages of protecting online identities:

Smart Badge Authenticator— Idem Card:

The Smart Badge Authenticator is your ‘one shoe fits all’ integrated solution that blends your smart card, BLE communication, NFC badge and FIDO into an enterprise platform. Work worry-free as companies can authenticate their employee logins anywhere, anytime. Moreover, it can work through network issues providing SMBs with 360-degree protection.

The Idem Card is compatible with FIDO services including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter and many more. With a standby period of up to 120 days, the Idem Card can be used across all major devices such as Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android phone (NFC) and iOS 13 and above.

Security Key— Idem Key:

When SMBs are in need of boundaryless strong authentication services, the best bet is to opt for the Idem Key that comprises of the FIDO Security Key (USB version) with NFC capability. This two-factor authentication process is simple to configure from any location across the globe with a single tap operation from any compatible device.

Accessible via multiple devices including browsers in Windows, Mac, Chromebook iOS and Android phone, this Fido Standard Security Key is an enterprise integrated solution that supports Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter and many more platforms.

Phone Authenticator— GoTrust ID:

Bid adieu to OTPs and user passwords with the integration of a phone authenticator system. This makes SMBs extremely secure and safe when in comes to managing user identities across all organizational verticals. Companies authorise employee phones to be used as repositories for password-less log in to their web services and work computers.

Compliant with Fido U2F Security Key and all FIDO protocols, SMBs can easily incorporate the system with existing into Microsoft AD and Azure AD environment seamlessly.

In Conclusion

SMBs can ensure that their systems and data remains protected by partnering with the appropriate security platform that provides access to a team of experts on building modern security operations processes and architecture.

By partnering with an appropriate MSSP, SMBs can ensure they’re working with partners who have built modern security operations architecture and processes, allowing them to safely focus on developing and transforming their businesses.