Must-have Tech and Security Gadgets for Your Workspace

When you start a business, your priority revolves around securing the space both from inside and outside. To accomplish this objective, you must invest in one or more high-tech gadgets to provide multi-layer security at the workspace preventing theft, unauthorized access, burglary, sabotage, and more.

With so many options, choosing the appropriate tools can be difficult and overwhelming. For example, do you know the difference between the NFC Security Key and U2F Security Key? Perhaps not.

Whilst you can always speak to an expert for guidance and advice, we have collated a list of the must-have tech and security gadgets for your workspace to make your job of setting up a secure workplace slightly easier. Take a look.

1. CCTV Camera Circuit

First and foremost, you must secure office premises. The most convenient manner of doing it is by using a CCTV camera circuit. With multiple cameras placed at strategic points, you will be able to cover maximum physical ground.

Moreover, CCTV technology has become more advanced over the last decade. The cameras today are sturdier and are able to handle a variety of conditions such as bad weather, etc. Most surveillance cameras have built-in night vision, and the feed can be directed to both mobile devices and a more elaborate monitoring unit. Many of these camera units can be rotated 360 degrees to give security teams a better view of the premises in real-time.

2. Biometric Authentication

To ensure that no one other than authorised people enter the workspace, you need to implement a system of biometric authentication. This is a must-have security device that can be directly connected to entry or exit points within the office premises that makes use of fingerprint or retina scanning to operate the doorway system.

Integration of this safety device minimizes the risk to unauthorised entries and possibly of physical thefts and burglaries or anyone gaining access to sensitive documents within the workspace. Moreover, it has the double benefit of acting as the attendance system for office personnel.

3. Smart Badge Authenticator

Now combine all your security access needs on a single platform with a Smart Badge Authenticator. It even works even when there are network issues across any location, anytime offering a trustworthy and protected environment for your employee credentials. Featuring a two-factor authentication system and a password-less login system, its FIDO U2F Security Key works best with cloud applications on computers and even smartphones. Along with that, the tool also gives you access to wireless door control.

The BLE card is BLE is NFC compatible giving your HID physical access to support FIDO, PKI and PIV and enterprise integrated solution. It with works on Windows 10 and Mac plus 2FA platforms. It also supports Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter and many more.

4. Security Key

If you are looking for a boundary-less authentication device, bank on the Security Key that comes integrated with an ‘Authenticated Anytime, Anywhere’ functionality. No need to be fussed about recharging the device as it works even when you have battery-related and network issues.

This is a USB Authentication Key is NFC compatible and also supports with all FIDO services such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, etc. The device works with all browsers in Windows, Mac, Chromebook iOS and Android phone.

Rounding Off

The objective is to keep unwanted elements from sneaking and accessing sensitive information or documents either physically or online. Having one or more of these tech and security gadgets will help you keep them off your ground.

GoTrustID Inc. (GoTrust) is a world leader in password-free user identity from the phone and the computer to the cloud.

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