Security Keys: Ensures Strong Security and Compliance

Who should have access to sensitive company data and information? How can an organization ensure that users who attempt to access are the ones actually been granted the privilege to do so?

When it comes to data security, these are key questions that need answering to get your security measures spot on. Unquestionably, there have been tremendous advancements in technology that have brought together the top minds in the business to design some of the best security software and solutions. Of these, Security Keys have now become a common method of user identity authentication tool that functions on the guidelines of strong security and compliance.

Features of Security Keys

Companies trying to establish passwordless login norms have been quick to adapt to Security Keys as an acceptable form of authenticating user identity. Let’s take a look at some of its top features:

FIDO Compatible: Security keys are a two-factor authentication system that works with all FIDO services including Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more.

Works on Multiple User Devices: These access control cards have been designed to function on multi-user devices across population platforms such as Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android phone (NFC), and iOS 13.3 & above.

Authenticate Anywhere, Anytime: Developed as a USB style key with NFC capability, the security device can operate even when there are battery or network issues, anytime, from any location across the globe.

How Does The Security Key Function?

The first step in building a secure and robust information protection system is to validate the identities of users and computing devices that access the non-public areas of an organization’s network. To get a better grasp of how this impacts security and compliance, we must understand how the Security Keys function.

· Simply insert a security key into your computer/mobile or connect it wirelessly

· Tap the key against the NFC-enabled phone to complete authentication

· The key then cryptographically signs in and logs into the service

· For specific keys, user can also utilize the FIDO2 WebAuth API to bridge PKI Signing-Absolutely

Unique method

Now you can securely access your online profile on the specific website. As an additional security measure, remember that you cannot copy, migrate, or save security key data between keys.