Top Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions in 2020

MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication solutions are now the accepted method of enhancing security by businesses across the globe. These measures are required when organizations handle sensitive data, applications, or systems and need more than a simple password and username combination to verify or authenticate usage.

Multi-Factor Authentication software functions through various means. It can prompt the user for biometric verification, email confirmation, or even through an SMS code to verify their identity. Let’s look at the top Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions in 2020.

1. Phone Authenticator Solution

GoTrust ID has developed a unique phone authenticator solution that is compatible with FIDO or Fast Identity Online protocol services, Apple, and Windows devices. Offering 100% passwordless login on Microsoft AD and Azure AD, the system manages user identifies via 100% biometric verification using their phones.

2. Smart Badge Authenticator Solution

The Smart card badge enables passwordless login using a two-tier authentication method. This solution can be implemented on any device that supports Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, Android phone (NFC), and iOS 13 & above. Compatible with all FIDO services such as Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft account, Salesforce, GitHub, Twitter, and many more, users have the option to authenticate, anywhere, anytime minus the worries of having total network access.

3. Security Key

This USB enabled Security Key is NFC compatible and works as an integrated solution with all FIDO services. This two-factor authentication tool seamlessly integrates with your existing security infrastructure utilizing the Idem Plus Key. This is a FIDO2 WebAuth API used to bridge PKI Signing-Absolutely Unique, minus any middleware.

4. Corporate IDs & Badges

Track user location plus authenticate user identify with smart Corporate Badges that works using Bluetooth technology and is quickly gaining ground as top multi-factor authentication solution in 2020. Powered through artificial intelligence the corporate badge employs a fingerprint sensor that works towards identity authentication and an embedded NFC chip allowing for contactless access control.

5. Access Control Card

Access control card readers that use multi-factor authentication software are being used by companies as part of their overall security set-up. Additionally, it also helps in key tasks such as data gathering, remote management, and automated control all of which easily integrate with current security architecture.

In Conclusion

The important aspect of businesses using multi-factor authentication tools is to ensure the blocking of malware attacks, any form of cyber threats, and unauthorized access to your internal networks. With some of these top solutions, you not only prevent these security risks but also gain tremendous peace of mind.