Top Reasons To Use GoTrust Authenticator Solutions

Security is a major area of concern in the corporate world. Most employees today carry at the very least a smartphone and an identification card, both of which contain confidential information. What is lacking in many companies are enterprise authenticator solutions and this is where GoTrust comes in. A Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Token company, GoTrustID offers multiple enterprise authenticator solutions to companies and organizations.

Top Reasons to Use GoTrust Authenticator Solutions

Here are some of the top reasons why GoTrust authenticator solutions are the best in the market.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions are the key to ensuring business security by implementing additional authentication measures. GoTrust Authentication Platform comprises of Phone Authenticator, Smart Badge Authenticator and Security Key. GoTrust is the first company to creates passwordless and OTP-free user experience from computer login to cloud authentication.

Phone Authenticator via the GoTrust ID APP

Let's first look into the Phone Authenticator. This falls under the FIDO services category, wherein an employee can gain effortless access to their computer, corporate systems, and cloud services as they approach their digital devices with their phones. The biometric sensor on the phone unlocks the computer and confirms the individual’s identity before signing them into Office 365, Google, Salesforce, Facebook and all FIDO enabled services. No usernames, passwords, security questions, OTPs or SMS codes are required.

Smart Badge Authenticator via the Idem Card

The Smart Badge Authenticator offered by GoTrust is the only BLE smart badge that comes equipped with HID physical access to support FIDO, PKI and PIV authentication. In fact, GoTrust is the only company that can implement a FIDO token into an employee badge. The Smart Badge Authenticator can unlock Windows 10 and Mac plus 2FA for major cloud accounts.

Idem Key

GoTrust also provides Security Key which is an Idem Key. Possessing NFC capability, this USB key supports FIDO, OTP, and PKI. It is compatible with all browsers in Windows, Mac, Chromebook and Android phone. This security key, which is also known as the FIDO key since it works with all FIDO services. This key works anywhere and employees do not have to worry about battery or network issues. It provides reliable and secure protection for your credentials.

Rounding Off

Credibility is the name of the game and GoTrust offers plenty of that. With a seamless set-up process, GoTrust is quickly gaining ground as a top choice for authenticator solutions today.